Golfside Village of Superior is sandwiched between the communities of Ann Arbor and Canton, with easy access to US-23, M-14, I-94 and Michigan Avenue.

Hyundai/Kia has recently announced that it will make Superior it’s North American Engineering headquarters, and St Joseph’s Hospital employs thousands of health care professionals in Superior. Eastern Michigan University is only a few miles southwest. These important employers of highly educated people, as well as many others, have all chosen to locate in this area because their demographic studies indicate it’s the best place for them. And the Willow Run schools have recently made 50 million dollars of improvements!

Home Depot and Kroger’s recently built stores to anchor a large shopping center at Michigan Avenue and Canton Center, only a few miles southeast of Golfside, providing all of the convenient services you want.

Ypsilanti’s Green Oaks public golf course and clubhouse are located on the south border of Golfside, and dozens of homesites front the course. Whether you are a golfer, or just enjoy the view, this scenic, resort atmosphere helps you forget the bustling communities just outside.
Superior’s master plan calls for rural single family housing north of Geddes Rd, insuring that the area will not become overbuilt, and enhancing the demand to supply ratio of homes, all of which will make your environment and ownership, more enjoyable and profitable!

Most important though, is your personal home, and the greatest care was given in it’s creation. Models were specifically designed for Golfside that incorporate the latest and greatest of style and convenience! The MacArthur, a “mid-level master suite”™ design, is so special and unique, it has been copywritten, insuring that no other builder duplicates your home!

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