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Limited Warranty




Dear Customers:


In order to better service all of our present and future homeowners, we have the following procedures in place.  If everyone cooperates and follows these procedures (regardless of what you may have been directed to do in the past), things will run smoothly. (Form Attached)


1- Customers who have not yet closed on their homes:

                When you have a question or concern regarding your home, please fill out the "Customer Question and Concerns Form".  We have attached one to this letter for your convenience.  Additional forms can be obtained at the sales office.  Fill them out, including the Unit #, your name, daytime phone number, and a fax number and than turn this form into the sales person.  The sales person will meet with the construction department and obtain your answers.  She will than fax them back to you, or call you to pick them up.    Please do not contact the construction personnel.  If the construction personnel feel it is necessary to meet with you regarding your concerns, they will contact you and set up a meeting, otherwise they will answer your questions and concerns on your form.


2- Customers who have closed on their homes:

                Once you have closed on your home, and you signed off that all items have been completed from your final walk list, any further issues will be addressed through the Warranty Department.  Please make sure all walk through items have been completed before you sign off on the final walk.

                When you have a Warranty issue, you will need to fill out the Warranty Service Form.  We have attached one to this letter for your convenience.  Additional forms can be obtained from the main office.  This form should be faxed to the Main Office, attention Warranty Department at 248-626-1978.  The Warranty Department will address all emergency issues immediately (Emergency's defined in your signed Warranty). If an Emergency Warranty issue arises after office business hours, you should page this number 248-400-4122 (THIS IS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY AS DESCRIBED IN YOUR WARRANTY).  Please make sure you have checked your signed Warranty to assure the requested work is covered before you submit the work request.   We cannot address non-emergency issues on one by one bases. All other non-emergency items must wait for your 60 day or 12 month review.  The Warranty Department Service Representative will do a review walk with you and issue the work order for any covered items on a date to be determined.  The Warranty Superintendent will select the date for your 60-day walk at your close, and for your 12-month walk at your 60-day sign off.  All dates will be confirmed prior to the meeting.


Walk dates are;

     For your 60 day selected at close walk

     For your 12 month selected at 60-day walk.


If you have any concerns, other than Warranty, they would still be addressed through the Warranty Department.  The Warranty Department will forward the concern to the correct department and someone will contact you.  Please DO NOT contact the sales or construction personnel after you have closed on your home.  Your questions will be best served through the Warranty Department.


Thank you for your cooperation and we sincerely hope you enjoy your new home!



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